Bullbar blitz

Police are targeting illegal bull bars in a bid to improve safety. Picture: DAVID DOYLEPolice are targeting illegal bull bars in a bid to improve safety. Picture: DAVID DOYLE


ILLEGAL bullbars are being targeted by police to improve road safety, Highway Patrol officer Dave Bramble says.
Police from the New England Local Area Command have been cracking down on vehicles fitted with bull bars over the past two months, with more than 15 defect notices issued in Armidale.
Sgt Bramble said more than 50 per cent of bullbars fitted were not compliant with Australian safety standards.
“There’s definitely a safety risk when bullbars are not correctly fitted or compliant with the vehicle,” he said.
“A quarter of our road accidents in Armidale involve pedestrians.
“It’s only a matter of time before the worst happens.”
Sgt Bramble said officers were not issuing on-the-spot fines, instead giving drivers defect notices.
“This gives them 14 or 21 days to either remove the bullbar or have a compliant bullbar fitted,” he said.
“Anyone who has a bullbar should ring the manufacturer and get a written guarantee the bullbar has been tested for that vehicle.”
Sgt Bramble said most people had bullbars fitted to protect their vehicles in the case of hitting an animal.
However, he said that a non-compliant or incorectly-fitted bullbar could cause more damage.
“It can interfere with the vehicle’s crumple zone and air bags,” he said.

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