Budget will hurt: Joyce



EXPECT the worse and settle for anything above that.
That’s the message from New England MP Barnaby Joyce ahead of next week’s federal budget.
Mr Joyce said there would be no money allocated for the redevelopment of the Armidale Hospital and the electorate should not get its hopes up about any major announcements.
“Basically anything that’s not life and death will be stripped back or taken away and then we’ll have to fight to get it back,” he said.
“Projects like (upgrading the New England Highway) Bolivia Hill and the Armidale Airport will still go ahead.
“I’m also making sure that funding doesn’t get stripped from the University of New England.”
Mr Joyce said Australia had no choice but to tighten its belt.
“In 2009 I lost my job as the Shadow Finance Minister because I forecast that this was going to happen,” he said.
“Everyone laughed and giggled at me, but I was the only accountant in the place.”
Mr Joyce said the previous Federal Government should be blamed for hurting the country’s financial position, but also shouldered some of the responsibility himself.
“Maybe I should have been louder in my approach,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Joyce will be at the Armidale Golf Club tomorrow night to speak to the business community.
As part of the Armidale Business Chamber’s series of “pub chats”, a big crowd is expected to hear the MP speak.
For more information, go to www.armidalechamber.com.au

One Response to “Budget will hurt: Joyce”

  1. Kate Richards says:

    I attended the “pub chat” in armidale and listened to barnaby speak, he spoke at length about what a gun accountant he was and how he predicted the impending doom, and lost his position for it, he also mentioned he was the only qualified account in cabinet so why are you not the treasury ? I ask, particularly when you consider your gov position hiring only on merit……..several times during the talk Barnaby, explained to competent business people the negotiation process for fund allocation, ” what you people need to understand is they take everything off the table and I have to fight and negotiate it back for you” A fairly simple concept really,
    Work out the economic benefits , flow on , gather all relevant info, liase with relevant stake holders / public , know the angle.
    Then Pitch it HARD……
    Perhaps the skill set of a country accountant don’t translate to aggressive negotiator or perhaps it’s your lack of availability to your constituents a lesson you could learn from your predecessor.
    What you barnaby need to understand is, we pay you to represent us. Not resent us
    And if the new England’s issues just aren’t life and death enough for you and your gov. We will find your replacement.

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